At Clave has prepared, commissioned by SANDETEL, for the General Directorate of Commerce of the Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities of the Junta de Andalucía the project of "Design and implementation of communication actions for awareness and dissemination of applications for mobile devices for the Andalusian retail commercial sector and for the Andalusian artisan sector "
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The purpose of the project was to contribute to the technological modernization and digital transformation of the commercial and artisanal sector in Andalusia , promoting and bringing all the information available on commercial and artisan establishments, as well as their commercial offer, to society, through the use of ICT.

To this end, an application for mobile devices and access to its digital support platform were provided to the general public and to SMEs in the commercial and artisanal sector of Andalusia in particular, which allow the enhancement of the activity of commercial establishments through the dissemination of updated, accessible and useful information. This is intended to increase the influx of visitors to commercial areas and establishments , especially those located in Open Shopping Centers, street markets, food markets and areas of artisanal interest in Andalusia. At the same time, it was intended to contribute to the reactivation of the retail trade, providing small businesses with a tool that helps improve their competitiveness in relation to the large online shopping portals without an establishment.

The emergence of Covid-19 and the restrictions on mobility and the opening of an establishment gave the project an even more strategic value for the reactivation of local commerce and crafts, by improving the possibilities of these establishments to show their products online and thereby expand your potential buyers.

At Clave has been in charge of designing and launching the online communication strategy with all its elements (web, RRSS, videos, microvideos, etc.) and the process of attracting establishments and users that would make the ACÁ Andalucía Comercio y Artesanía project possible. The attached presentation details the content of the project and shows some of the proposals made.

Dic 2020
The public information process for the Chira-Soria Hydroelectric Pumping Plant has been completed. This project, promoted by Red Eléctrica de España, with a capacity of 200 MW-h of storage, will allow a penetration of clean energies in the island's electricity generation mix of between 51% and 70%.
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The project allows managing the large-scale inclusion of renewable energies in the island's electrical system, reducing fossil fuel generation, which represents a significant reduction in GHG emissions, as well as providing security and stability to the system. At Clave has participated in the process by providing environmental advice and drafting the EIA.

Oct 15 2020
At Clave, in a joint venture with Arenal Gc, has started the work of "Preparation of the Industrial Development Strategy of the Canary Islands 2021-2025" for the Government of the Canary Islands. This work gives continuity to a line of support for regional planning in various matters, providing the territorial, environmental and social dimension of the same.

Plan Nacional Integrado de Energía y Clima (PNIEC)

Sep 18 2020
The promotion of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) to the installation of renewables for discharge to the grid is generating intense activity for new projects throughout Spain. At Clave is strongly committed to this endeavor and makes every effort to ensure high quality in the environmental impact studies of wind and photovoltaic plants.

Plan Nacional Integrado de Energía y Clima (PNIEC)
Aug 20 2020
Despite the difficulties of confinement and the restrictions of the Alarm Decree, we have been able to complete the collaboration with the Basque company Iglú arkitekturak and Arenal Grupo Consultor to prepare the "Preliminary Studies for the Review of the Partial Territorial Plan of the Central Alava Functional Area with a bioregional approach ", for the Basque Government.
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Jul 15 2020
On Saturday June 6, an online interview-conference was held with Juan Requejo, within the framework of the participation activities for the revision of the General Plan of Urban Planning of Vitoria-Gasteiz.
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Jun 06 2020
The Arenal-Clave UTE continues with the work to prepare the Strategic Plan for Melilla 2029.
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Despite the difficulties of confinement, different reports and monographs are being prepared to feed the process.

Plan Estratégico Melilla 2020-2029.
May 15 2020
At Clave maintains its level of activity both in the field of renewable energy and in the planning and organization of territorial development.

Renewable energies and planning and organization of territorial development
Apr 20 2020
At Clave participates in the 1st edition of the Winter School on "Sustainable mineral exploration" which was held from March 9 to 12 at the La Rábida Campus of the UnIA.
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Along with other speakers from various European countries in the framework of the H2020 INFACT and PACIFIC projects, the session on "Stakeholder engagement and social performance in exploration", Given jointly by Virginia del Río (At Clave) and Cathryn MacCallum (SRK Exploration Services), it had generated many expectations among the participants, who valued it very positively.

Mar 13 2020
At Clave participates in the second exploration campaign of the H2020 INFACT project at the test sites in the Andalusian pyrite belt.
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During the past week, the test campaign for new technologies of airborne mineral exploration by helicopter has been carried out by the Danish company Skytem in the Riotinto-Nerva area and around Cobre Las Cruces. Innovative active low frequency AEM sensors were tested with very satisfactory results. At Clave has been responsible for communication with municipalities and dissemination in the media.


Feb 25 2020
AtClave, in UTE with Arenal Gc, has won the contest for technical assistance in the elaboration of the Melilla Strategic Plan.
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This technical assistance includes advice to the Autonomous City on such important matters as climate change, tourism, logistics or social integration and which will be specified in the formulation of operational programs to finance and manage European funds.

Plan Estratégico Melilla 2020-2029.

Jan 17 2020